8 Ways Cats find #JOMO on Take Your Dog to Work Day

When it comes to being social, cats are often inaccurately labeled as solitary, aloof and asocial. In reality, cats are social but their social structure is a little different than their canine companions. Cats are territorial and take great comfort in the familiarity of their surroundings. For a cat to get to know another cat requires finesse and patience to avoid fear of the unfamiliar feline being a threat. So a one day social event where unfamiliar cats meet each other at an owner’s place of work wouldn’t be high on a cat’s list of fun ideas. So will cats feel left out as they’re home alone on Take Your Dog to Work Day? Actually, there are probably quite a few cats who may relish in having the house to themselves for those extra hours. That’s not to say a cat doesn’t love their canine companion but they may like this brief one-day staycation.

These are 8 ways cats will celebrate having the house to themselves:

1.    Show that belly.

show the belly

Most cats love to stretch out and snooze as the sun streams in the window. For a cat to stretch out on his back and expose his belly requires a feeling of security. If a cat has an uncertain relationship with the family dog, or if the dog wants to play, sunbathing may not happen as often as the cat would like. Take Your Dog to Work Day gives the cat many hours of ground-level nap time where that tummy can face the world (or rather, the empty room). Even if it’s not sunny, the cat will still enjoy those long yoga stretches without getting poked in the tummy by a dog nose or feeling the breeze of a wagging tail.   

2.    Gravity testing.

Many cats indulge in the feline sport of pawing at objects on counters and tables to see how easily they move. The fun starts when the object manages to go off the edge and land on the floor. When the dog is at home, this gravity-testing activity may get cut short if the dog happens to grab the object after it lands and run off with it. The dog may even bark in anticipation of the impending landing which may break the cat’s concentration during this highly refined experiment. With everyone out of the house, the cat can conduct uninterrupted gravity tests.

3.    Pillow time.

pillow time

In many households, the owner’s bed is a prime napping location. Soft, spacious and filled with the comforting scents of the owner, it’s not unusual for cats and dogs to take afternoon naps there. With the house to himself, the cat can pick the ideal spot on the bed for napping as well as a post-nap grooming session. This becomes even more of a luxury if the cat shares the home with a very large dog or multiple pets. 

4.    Everything here is mine.

That’s probably what the cat would say if he could on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Whether it’s the bed, the water bowl, the couch or the dog’s favorite chair, on this day it all gets a good dose of cat hair.

5.    Treasure hunting.


If there are normally rooms that are kept closed off from the dog, there’s a chance they may be left open if the dogs accompany pet parents to work. What a perfect opportunity for a cat to go on an indoor field trip to unknown lands but still be close enough to his litter box and food bowl.

6.    Set the toys free.

Cat with toy

In some homes shared by cats and dogs, the cat toys have to be kept put away and only brought out in areas the dog can’t access. Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD) means cat toys can be left out everywhere. And, while the toys are out, why not toss a little catnip around as well so kitty can have a little party of one. Cats are quiet when they party so there’s no need to worry about disturbing the neighbors!

7.    Catch up on beauty sleep.

sleeping cat

Cats are masters when it comes to sleeping and here’s a chance to fully partake in this beloved feline ritual. With the house more silent than usual, it’s a perfect opportunity for a cat to string many short cat naps into several hours of sweet dreams. 

8.    Happy reunion.

cat and dog

At the end of the day, the cat and dog will likely enjoy being reunited. The cat will get a recap of the dog’s day by checking out unfamiliar and interesting scents on his fur. The dog will probably be so eager to share his excitement over the day and luckily, the cat, being well-rested, will be ready to hear all about it.

To all the cats with JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), tag @wellnesspetfood or #wellnesspetfood to show us how your feline friends are enjoying the day without that pesky pup!

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