10 Things That Make Someone a Cat Person

October 29th is a special day. This is the day we celebrate National Cat Day. If you share your life with cats, you most likely believe every day is National Cat Day (or should be), but this special day gives people a chance to educate others about how wonderful cats are. It’s also a day to celebrate what it means to be a cat person. 

1. A cat person is someone who loves and appreciates the language of cats.

Cats can make 100 different vocal sounds, as well as having quite an extensive body language. They also rely heavily on scent communication. The cat person loves the cat for the soft purr heard during times of closeness, but also loves that same cat for the unrelenting meow at 5 a.m. in the morning when kitty thinks breakfast is overdue.

2. A cat person enjoys the delicate and exquisitely elegant movements of a cat.

Stealth and speed combine to create beauty in motion. Whether the cat is stalking prey or just walking through a room, the gait is pure poetry. A cat person loves the cat for how beautiful and silent his movements can be and marvels at how a 6 pound cat can also sound like a team of horses galloping down the hallway when chasing a toy. A cat person appreciates the beauty of a ballet and the pratfalls of a comedy.

3. A cat person provides for the unique requirements that enable a cat to live a happy and healthy life.

Many people think cats are low maintenance and that it’s responsible for their appeal for cat people. That is not accurate at all. While cats don’t need to be walked and can be left alone for longer periods, they aren’t second-rate substitutes for dogs. The care of a cat differs in some ways from the care of a dog but still requires commitment, time, patience, love and attention 

4. A cat person knows it’s not about shortcuts.

While the cat may enjoy looking out the window at activity in the trees, it’s better to have one’s own tree indoors. A cat person is also good at role playing and can use toys to imitate birds, mice and other critters. It’s not about throwing a ball and having the pet fetch, but rather, mimicking a mouse so the cat can stalk and pounce, using accurate timing, precision and athleticism. A cat person knows playtime is the feline version of playing chess. It’s all about the right moves at the right time.

5. A cat person understands everyone needs some personal space.

Cat people don’t expect the cat to follow close behind and wait for the next command. When the cat is looking away and appears distant, it means he feels safe… he trusts. He’s also doing a favor by keeping watch for any mice, spiders or flies that try to sneak into the room. A cat person knows the cat has a job to do.

6. A cat person understands the cat’s appreciation for viewing life from all angles.

For a cat, life is very vertical. Whether it’s the top of the refrigerator, balancing on the top of a door, sitting on the highest bookshelf, sleeping in the bathroom sink or napping in the dirty clothes hamper in the closet, the cat can find joy in multiple places we wouldn’t view as comfortable.

7. A cat person accepts that cat hair will be found in the most unlikely places.

8. A cat person has an amazing ability to stay in one position for what seems like an intolerable amount of time.

When a cat is curled up in a lap or sleeping close by, the cat person develops the remarkable strength to avoid scratching an itchy nose, sneezing, coughing, or the need to use the bathroom. The only weakness, however, is that the cat person can’t resist the urge to slowly and silently pull out the smartphone and take a picture of the sleeping cat. A cat person knows you can never have too many cat photos.

9. A cat person understands commitment.

With advancements in veterinary medicine, nutrition and a greater understanding of what’s required for happy, healthy lives, cats are living longer. In many cases, long after the kids have grown up and gone off to college, the family cat is still there. Years ago, when the cat was a kitten, a cat person used to struggle to make the bed as the rambunctious little kitty would insist on playing under the sheet. These days, the bed is left unmade so as not to disturb the senior cat still sleeping there. A cat person’s compassion grows deeper as every day gets more precious.

10. A cat person understands love.


Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

On October 29, celebrate your cats, but also celebrate yourself for the wonderful cat person you are!


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