10 Things All Cat Lovers Can Relate To

If you’ve lived with cats long enough, you can probably relate to all 10 of these things. There are many more things cat lovers have in common as well, so feel free to add to the list. If you’re new to the world of cats, this list will give you a view into the future you’ll be sharing with us.

1. We No Longer See the Cat Hair on our Clothes

cat in closet
Yes, in the beginning we were concerned with making sure to remove all traces of white fur from our black clothing, but at some point, we started wearing that cat hair with pride. Finding a few cat hairs on our sleeves while we’re at work have now become a sweet reminder of the beloved cat waiting at home for us.

2. The Sound of a Puking Cat is the Best Alarm

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the wee hours of the morning or how exhausted we are, we can bolt out of bed in seconds to locate the cat about to puke. In some cases, it may be the only exercise we get for the day but we’re very good at it!

3. We Know our Cat’s Sweet Spot

cat snuggling with person
Not all cats enjoy being petted but we know if and when our cats like it. There’s usually one spot that, when petted, brings on purrs of joy and total relaxation. We know where it is and even though our cats may enjoy being petted by other people, we know we do it the best.

4. We Recognize Cat Kisses

cat blinking
People who aren’t familiar with cats may think a cat kiss is an actual kiss but we know better, don’t we? We know cat kisses are subtle and easy to miss. Cats can kiss by giving a slow blink with their eyes. As cat lovers, we know the difference between a normal eye blink and the slow cat kiss blink. The cat kiss lets us know kitty is comfortable and relaxed. It’s an affectionate gesture that can be given across a room. Most of us have probably returned a cat kiss with a slow blink as well. 

5. We’ve all Stepped on Wet Squishies in the Dark with Bare Feet

Hairballs. We try our best to keep our cats groomed and control the number of hairballs but at some point, we’ve all gotten up in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip or to get a drink of water and stepped on that recently deposited soggy hairball. 

6. We Know Cats Will Love the Box More Than The Gift That Came in it

cat in box
Whether it’s an expensive bed, or any other cat-related gift, as seasoned cat lovers, we know never to throw out the box because that’s what kitty knows is the real prize.

7. We Learned to not Leave Objects Near the End of the Table

Whether it’s a cell phone, half-filled glass of water, pen, set of keys or even a piece of paper, chances are it will become the target of a cat’s obsession with seeing it hit the floor. Knocking things off the table is a favorite cat hobby and it probably only took having to repair one cracked cell phone cover or clean up some spilled orange juice off the new carpet for us to get smarter about where we leave our things. 

8. When There’s a Cat on our Lap We Can Stay in One Position for Hours

cat on person's lap
It doesn’t matter if we’re late for something or how uncomfortable we may be, when kitty curls up and falls asleep on our lap we become a permanent piece of furniture. 

9. We Have More Than One Nickname for our Cats

Oh yes, our cats have official names but we rarely use them. We have a long list of special names for our cats that may or may not make sense to others but they make perfect sense to us. The names may be a reflection of a cat’s look, behavior, or simply an expression of our love, but there’s always more than one name and we remember every single one.

10. Cats Have to Inspect and Approve of Every New Object Brought into the House

cat with head in mug
Whether it’s the new chair you just had delivered or a guest’s jacket tossed over the arm of a sofa, our cats must inspect every inch of it, sniff it, sit on it and make the decision if it’s acceptable in their territory.

The above list is just a small sample of what we share as cat lovers. Of course, the most important thing we share is the absolute love we have for these beautiful and intelligent furry members of our family.

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