What are the Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Food?

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Today, dog food is available in a wide variety of formats, flavors and forms. Since freeze dried dog food has recently become more popular, many pet parents have questions about this new type of dog food. Here, we’ll break down what freeze dried dog food is, as well as the benefits and challenges that come along with feeding your dog freeze dried food. Then we’ll share our recommendation for how to incorporate freeze dried food into your dog’s diet.
First, let’s cover why freeze-dried dog food is becoming popular. Pet parents and nutritionists agree that high quality, proteins like turkey, chicken or salmon, often found in freeze dried foods, deliver excellent nutrition. Protein is essential for the growth and maintenance of almost all the tissues in a dog’s body. At a molecular level, dietary protein supplies the amino acids necessary for the body to build hair, skin, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. And to a dog, a protein-rich diet will most always be their top preference, because high-quality meat ingredients deliver a delicious aroma and taste.

What is freeze dried dog food?

Freeze-drying is a technique that preserves raw ingredients such as fresh meat to deliver a finished dog food product which is safe, shelf stable and lightweight. Freeze dried dog food is technically raw and full of nutrients. 

What are the benefits of feeding freeze dried dog food?

Freeze-dried dog food provides minimally processed nutrition for dogs which appeals to pet parents seeking an alternative to plain kibble. Excelling on taste, freeze dried dog food can be used as a full meal for fussy eaters, or a tasty topper for all dogs to add an element of variety to their meals.   

  • Minimally processed
  • Preserves taste of meat ingredients
  • Preserves ingredient nutritional value

How is dog food freeze-dried?

Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes moisture at very low temperatures. In freeze-drying, raw ingredients are initially frozen and then placed in a strong vacuum that converts the water in the food into vapor. You may already be purchasing freeze dried foods for yourself, with some examples being instant coffee or cereal with freeze dried berries.

How does freeze-drying impact the nutritional content of the food?

Freeze-drying preserves more of the nutritional content of the raw ingredients as compared to other methods such as cooking or dehydrating pet food. Because the raw meat ingredients are freeze-dried, it helps to leave in tact the wholesome nutrition that is naturally present. 

What types of freeze dried dog foods are available

Freeze dried dog foods include everything from tasty meat treats, to freeze dried dog food mixers or toppers and even complete and balanced freeze-dried meals.

Are all freeze-dried dog foods the same?

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Whilst the technique is similar between brands and companies, the difference will instead come down to what types of foods and ingredients are being freeze dried. High quality products often include full meat pieces and visible fruits and vegetables. Some brands with freeze dried dog products may not freeze dry cuts of whole raw meat. Instead, they may use a mix of ingredients to create a meat nugget like that of a hamburger or sausage.  

Should I be worried about the bacteria from fresh meat in freeze-dried dog food?

If you are thinking of feeding freeze dried dog food, it’s best to reach out to a brand in order to understand how they ensure the safety of their products. At Wellness, the quality and safety of every recipe we craft is paramount in all that we do. That is why every batch of meat that we freeze dry undergoes a special High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) treatment step prior to the freeze-drying process. This innovative safety step adds additional pressure which destroys bacteria whilst maintaining the integrity of the ingredients. 

How can I incorporate freeze dried food into my dog’s diet?

Dog food diets that are made of completely freeze-dried ingredients can be quite costly, may be hard to find, and may not be suitable for all dogs. Our recommendation is to incorporate some freeze-dried nutrition into your dog’s diet, while still maintaining the convenience of feeding your dog on their regular schedule.

About Wellness CORE dog food products with 100% freeze dried meat:

At Wellness CORE we believe firmly in always doing things the right way and never the easy way, so our freeze dried products feature only 100% meat ingredients. We produce our freeze-dried products in our company-owned facilities in Minneapolis, MN.

Wellness CORE offers pet parents premium freeze dried products such as Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters. Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters are freeze dried meat pieces that can be added to any current wet or dry dog food to customize a dog’s meal and add some extra protein. At Wellness, we also offer Wellness CORE RawRev, which combines Wellness CORE’s nutrient-dense, high-protein kibble with pieces of 100% freeze dried meat evenly dispersed throughout the bag. The inclusion of these 100% freeze dried meat pieces in every scoop means your dog will get the crave worthy aroma of meat along with the nutritional benefits of high-protein, mineral-rich freeze-dried meat.

Our Wellness CORE RawRev dog foods are available in both grain free and with wholesome grains varieties. Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters can be added to your dog’s existing food without transitioning, but if you are planning on transitioning your dog from a current food to Wellness CORE RawRev with freeze-dried meat, you should slowly transition your dog to the new food over the course of 3-5 days to avoid any digestive issues.

If you need help determining which Wellness CORE RawRev or CORE Bowl Boosters recipe would be best for your dog, please reach out to us at 800.225.0904, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm ET to speak with one of our knowledgeable Consumer Affairs team members. Also, keep in mind that our products are guaranteed, so if something you try doesn’t work for your dog, you can return it for a full refund.

Has your dog tried Wellness CORE RawRev? If so, share your photos by using @wellnesspetfood and #WellnessCORERawRev on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a chance to be featured. 

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