Wellness Natural Pet Food Surveys American Pet Parents on Pet-Friendly Workplaces

Employers looking to boost workplace morale may want to consider hiring from a new pool of talent: one with wagging tails, fur and four legs.

A new survey from Wellness® Natural Pet Food found that 65 percent of American pet parents believe that having pets in the workplace would benefit company culture. That same survey revealed that not only are pets beneficial to morale, but may help with recruitment and employee retention: 

•    75 percent of respondents believe that pets would diffuse a stressful situation in the workplace
•    59 percent feel they would get to know their colleagues better if there were pets present 
•    Nearly half of dog owners say that “pet perks” are important when considering a job offer, with one in five millennial pet parents noting specifically that being able to bring their dog to work is important when considering a job offer


Pets At Work Can Help Conquer Distractions:


  • More than half (54%) of pet parents report feeling distracted at work thinking about their pet at home
  • One in three (33%) pet parents say taking care of their pet interferes with their work hours


Making Decisions to Make Our Pets Happy:


  • 28% of pet parents would consider accepting a job that would provide more time to spend with their pet 


Pets & Workplace Benefits:


  • One-third (32%) of respondents reported feeling more motivated or productive because of pets in the work environment

“Studies have shown how pets can have a positive impact on our own health and wellbeing – from lowering resting blood pressure to reducing stress – but now people are thinking about how those benefits translate to the work environment,” said Dr. Danielle Bernal, staff veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food. “With more companies realizing that pets can improve the working experience, more are going above and beyond to cater to our new furry officemates and make sure they are happy and healthy from 9 to 5.”

Ben & Jerry's dog in the office

Ben & Jerry’s makes the list of Top 10 Pet Friendliest Companies in 2019. Photo via Ben & Jerry’s

For the third year in a row, Wellness Natural Pet Food is honoring those who set the bar high for pet-friendly workplaces by curating its list of America’s Most Pet Friendly Companies, released in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21.

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