The Joys of Owning a Small Breed Dog 

Dog ownership rides the trend wave just like anything else, and today more people are choosing to own small breeds in lieu of breeds that mature into medium and large-size dogs. While all dogs are wonderful, loving and loyal, there are good things that come in small (dog) packaging!

Small Dogs Tend to Live Longer 

While our pets don’t live as long as we do, most live for well over a decade. On average, small dogs live upwards of 15 years and beyond. Your dog’s breed mix will play a role in their life expectancy, but it is nice to know that you have a few more precious years with your fun-sized baby.

Great For City Living

City living small dog

Small dogs are perfect fits for urban families living in apartments or condos or for families who have small yards. Of course, your small dog needs exercise; however, it is easier for small dogs to get that inside the home or in a small yard space.

Travel Better 

Just as small dog breeds have no problem living in small dwellings with little-to-no yard space, small dogs also travel easier whether it’s taking a stroll, a quick grocery run, going on a drive to up the coast or flying to see family far away. Small dogs fit comfortably in easy-to-carry kennels or bags that can usually be taken on a flight and fit perfectly in your car seat or shopping cart.

Small Dogs Need Less Exercise 

small dog exercise

If you’ve ever visited the park and watched the dogs, you’ve probably seen labs jogging with their owners or playing lively games of catch for lengthy periods of time. You don’t see small dogs jogging with their owners or playing for as long as their larger counterparts because they wear out faster. So, while small dogs need exercise, they don’t need as much, which makes them a great fit for pet parents that cannot participate in as much physical activity.

Easier to Clean 

Let’s be real, after a day of playing outside your pup will need a bath! Small dogs can be quickly bathed in a large basin sink or in a bathtub and toweled off with little strain, unlike their larger friends!

Small Dogs are More Affordable 

Small breeds eat less than medium and large-size dogs, which in turn means you’ll spend less money on feeding your dog. Not only that, but small dogs tend to have fewer health issues and thus, they visit the vet less frequently. 

The Perfect Snuggle Size

While most all dogs are loving and affectionate, small dogs are better lap dogs. They are more compact and can comfortably rest their whole little bodies on your lap while you work, read, nap, etc.

Small Dog snuggle

In other words, owning a small dog can be an absolute joy! There are so many small breeds and breed mixes out there, all you have to do is find the one that fits your personality!

Another way to ensure your small breed lives a long, healthy happy life is by feeding them a hearty pet food made with natural ingredients, and formulated especially for their unique nutritional needs, like those made by Wellness Pet Food.

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