Thanksgiving Safety from A Dog’s Perspective

November is a time for giving thanks. As a dog, I’ve got lots to be thankful for. I’m thankful you come home every day. It’s my favorite time of day. I literally jump for joy when I see your shoes come through the door. I’m thankful for our cuddle time, the treats, the naps, the great food you feed me. Speaking of food, something smells delicious. To the kitchen!

Pets in the Kitchen

What have you done to the kitchen? There’re cans and wrappers everywhere. The trash can is so full, the lid won’t close. Every burner on the oven is crackling with fire. It all smells so good; I don’t know what to lick first.


dog begging

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Oh, hi, Mom. You’re standing in front of me. And now we’re going to my food dish. You assure me that what you’re about to feed me will taste much better than what you’re cooking. You say a well-fed dog on Thanksgiving is one who is less likely to beg for table scraps. As I eat, you take out the trash and tidy the counters. You explain that dogs like to get into the trash when it smells so tasty. You read my mind.


dog eating Wellness CORE dog food

Photo via @jabba.da.pup

Pets with Crowds

I’m taking a nap when that bell starts ringing. “Don’t worry mom, I’ll protect you,” I shout charging to the door.  You ask me to stop barking and open the door. You seem happy to see these people. Okay, I’ll let them live for now.
The bell keeps ringing. How many people do you know? And how many little people are coming? Is that another dog? I’m not happy. You can tell because I’m not acting like myself, so you take me to your bedroom for a while to calm down. Sometimes too much stimulation can be stressful for pets. I’m thankful you know me so well.

Pets at the Dinner Table

When it’s quiet, I come back out. Everyone is still here, but there at the table. I sit by your chair. Eh-hem. You give me a small plate of boneless, well-cooked turkey and a couple of bites of sweet potato. My compliments to the chef. Anything else from the table you tell me isn’t any good for me.

Traveling with Pets

People are still eating, and I hear you talk about the other dog. Pets that travel shouldn’t be left alone in the car for any period of time. I noticed the other dog came in on a leash, so she wouldn’t run away. Her dad also sets up her own food and water dish next to mine. I gnaw a bone and think this through. How long is she staying?

When Thanksgiving Winds Down

Everyone seems to be getting tired. A few people leave. You keep me near you when the door opens and closes, so I don’t run out. You say that even though I’m microchipped, it’s best if I don’t get lost at all. After all, if I run away, how else are we going to take a nap on the couch together? I like the sound of that. We cuddle up, and I feel warm and happy, thankful you know how to take care of me.

Thanksgiving is a happy time of year full of good times and reminiscences on reasons for giving thanks. Your pets are as thankful for you as you are for them. Show them how grateful you are by keeping them safe, well-fed with their favorite pet food, and comfortable during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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