How to Honor Your Pet on World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial Day is on June 9 and is a time for pet owners who have lost a beloved pet to remember, to honor, to celebrate and to reflect on the life of a departed pet.

Honoring Your Pet Online

Social media is one of the most popular ways to honor one’s pet on World Pet Memorial Day. Here are some things you can do.

  • Post a favorite picture or series of pictures of your pet on social media.
  • Consider making a photo album of your pet starting from the time he was small or from when your journey together began.
  • Share stories about your pet on social media or on your website. A favorite moment or experience is a great way to remember the love you shared with a pet who has passed.
  • Create a website for your pet. This is a place for you to share pictures, quotes, videos, and longer stories about your pet. Not only does creating a designated page for your pet give you more quality time reflecting on your life together but reading it also could help other pet owners who’ve lost pets.

To help others find your online tributes, make sure to use the hashtag #worldpetmemorialday, so other pet lovers and mourners can share in the joy your pet brought and in your shared grief. You can also create a unique hashtag for your pet.

Special Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

In addition to honoring your pet online, there are many special things you can do to create permanent reminders of your pet.

  • Print photos of your pet for you to hang on the walls of your home or to put on your desk at work. Seeing the image on a regular basis will bring back fond memories of the happy times you and your pet had together.
  • Get crafty be creating a memorial stone for your garden or walkway. The stone could be painted or could have your pet’s name or image carved into it. Every time you see the stone, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your pet.
  • Plant a bush, flower, or tree in honor of your pet. Just as your pet had a positive impact on your life, so will a plant on the environment.
  • Make a donation to a cause that your pet led to you. This could be a variety of things from donating to the shelter where you got your pet to donating to a research center that cures pets of ailments your pet may have suffered from. You can also consider volunteering or donating to the park where you used to take your pet.

Taking Time to Remember Your Pet

Whatever you decide to do on World Pet Memorial Day, remember to take time. No matter how much time has passed since you lost your pet, you still have strong feelings that you deserve to take time to feel. Take a walk where you used to walk your pet or sit on a park bench where you used to watch your pet play and think about those special times. Reflect on the wonderful moments that you had and help yourself find peace in knowing how much you and your pet brought to one another’s lives.

When you lose a pet, take care of yourself and allow yourself to grieve and honor your dearly departed loved one. Wellness Pet Food believes in the best physical, mental and emotional health for pets and pet owners. For those who have lost pets, we are sorry for your loss.

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