Dr. Bernal Explains the Unique Nutritional Needs of Small Breed Dogs

small breed dog nutrition

Small dogs might be small in stature but they’re mighty in their nutritional needs!

Did you know that within the last 20 years, Small Breeds have grown in popularity to now represent the majority of dogs in the USA? Whether chosen for their cuteness or perfect size to match our more urban lifestyles, many pet parents may not realise that these little guys have unique nutritional needs that need to be met. For example, did you know that a small breed actually has a higher energy need per pound than a Great Dane? They live the longest of all dog breeds and nutritionally they are more predisposed to dental disease and obesity as a direct result of what we feed them. 

So how do pet parents navigate nutrition with their Small Breed dogs?

Here are the Top 6 Nutrition Tips for Small Breed Dogs:

1. Feed a Small Breed specific diet.

Each Wellness CORE Small Breed recipe is customised with a smaller sized kibble to suit their small mouths. CORE Small Breed diets are packed with higher protein and fat levels to deliver delicious meals that contain more calories per bite to fuel their active lives.  

2. Accommodate your small breed dog’s life stage and lifestyle needs.

Some small breeds can potentially spend two thirds of their life as a senior, growing as much in their first year as we humans do over 15 years. This means that selecting an age-appropriate diet is key to a small breed’s wellbeing. For example, CORE Small Breed Puppy recipes contain guaranteed levels of DHA to make them smarter and more trainable as well as balanced vitamins and minerals for growth.

3. Monitor how much you feed.

 Whilst their energy needs are high per pound of body weight, smaller breed dogs are so small that it is very easy to overfeed them without noticing. In fact as little as an ounce of extra kibble could be as much as 20% higher calories than their recommended feeding amount, and over time contribute to unwanted weight gain.  

4. Watch their waistlines.

Building off tip #3, it’s important to watch your small breed dog’s weight. For some small breeds, just a half a pound weight gain may be a significant issue – the same as a 150 pound man gaining 20 pounds! Should you think your small breed might be carrying a little extra weight, the CORE Small Breed Healthy Weight recipe is perfectly crafted with lower fat and calories to help trim them down, with higher protein to ensure they maintain lean muscle during weight loss.

5. Maintain their dental health.

With the same number of teeth as a Great Dane small breed’s teeth are overcrowded versus bigger breeds, making them pre-disposed to dental issues. Pet parents of small breeds need to make sure that they help clean their dog’s teeth each day by brushing or giving an appropriate chew like WHIMZEES Dental Chews every day. These dental chews work to mechanically clean their teeth while they chew and are clinically proven to slow the progression of dental disease.    

6. Pick foods with variety and quality.

Lastly, look for a brand that is dedicated to delivering delicious taste in addition to high quality, protein-rich ingredients. With CORE, there is an entire small breed range of recipes committed to delighting even the fussiest small breeds. CORE gives you options such as CORE RawRev Small Breed, a kibble plus 100% freeze dried meat recipe; or one of the many CORE wet complete and balanced meals such as CORE Mini Meals or Petite Entrees that are perfectly sized as single serve.  When it comes to treats, CORE Petite Treats are 100% grain free and packed with meat protein to help reward great behaviour as well as be the perfect small breed sized treat for some healthy snacking.  

By following these customised small breed nutrition tips and tricks, you too can make sure that your small breed is getting recipes that not only taste delicious but ones that will also contain everything they need to live healthy and happy lives for a lifetime of love. To find out more details on any of these Wellness CORE recipes check out the full range of Small Breed CORE recipes at www.wellnesspetfood.com     

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