15 Pets That Are All of Us This Holiday Season

These dogs and cats are our spirit animals this holiday season.

1. The familiar feeling of exhaustion only the holidays can bring.

Photo via Olga O.


2. When your sweater “shrinks” after all the dinner parties.

Photo via “angeleyes”


3. Combing through HomeGoods for a wreath, like: 

Photos (top to bottom) via Courtney R., “jfk”, and “DHinels”


Forty-five minutes later…found the perfect one!

Photo via “vmorales”


4. When you find out your house guests are staying an extra week.

Photo via “juno”

5. No matter how hard you try to keep them untangled, the lights always end up like this:

Photo via “spittz”

6. That one friend at the holiday party…

Photo via “mwenjerr”


7. Hmm, looks like I’ll be working from home today.

Photo via Samantha B.


8. When my friends ask me what my Saturday plans are…

Photo via Anna D.


9. No such thing as going overboard on the decorations.

Photo via “beckikeighs”


10. That moment of peace amidst the bustle when you admire all your hard work.

Photo via J.L.C.


11. Like we said, all the activity of the season can make us a little sleepy.

Photo via ©aperson


12. ‘Nuff said.

Photo via “msl”


13. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Photo via “mlhomishak”


14. Even with the stress, there’s nothing like spending some quality time with your whole crew.

Photo via ©MarloJohnson


15. And last, that feeling when it’s all over:

Photo via Penny M.


Happy Holidays! Which photos of your pets best reflect your holiday moods? Share them on our Facebook page or tag us with #wellnesspetfood and we’ll be sure to see your post!

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