10 Signs You Have a Happy, Healthy Cat

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With so many different personality types among them, it can be difficult to read your cat’s mood and overall wellness; however, studies have shown that happy, healthy cats (regardless of personality) all exhibit similar physical and vocal cues to indicate that they are happy and healthy.

Good Grooming

A happy healthy cat will keep himself well-groomed. Not only that, but he might also feel inclined to groom other pets or even you. Some pet owners call licks from their cat “kisses”. They’re not wrong as your cat’s attempt to groom you is a show of trust in your bond.

Lifted or Twitchy Tail

You can tell a lot about your cat by her tail. When a cat holds her tail high in the air, it’s a show of confidence, and when she twitches the tip of her tail, it means she’s happy with who is around her.

Gets Comfortable

comfortable calico cat
When cats are on the defense, they arch their backs, and their ears flatten. Happy cats will indicate they are such by being relaxes in their movements and sleeping positions. They will tuck their paws under when watching the world go by, for example.

Dilated Eyes

cat with dilated pupils
While your cat’s eyes won’t be dilated 24/7, a sign of happiness is a sudden dilation of the eyes—most people think it means their cat is about to go wild, but it’s not.

Forward-Facing Ears

striped cat
When cats are upset, they will fold their ears back against their heads. Happy cats’ ears are forward-facing as if to say they’re interested in what you have to say.

Hearty Appetite

Healthy cats enjoy eating and will show enthusiasm at meal times by rubbing against your legs and guiding you to where food is typically served.

Playful Patterns

As cats age, their playing habits might change, but a sign of a happy cat is a playful spirit. Whether it is chasing a toy or just jumping and running around, happy cats are playful pets.

Good Sleeper

long haired grey cat sleeping in plant
Cats can nap anytime, anywhere and for any length of time—that’s surely why they call them “cat naps”; however, a happy cat will want to sleep with someone…on your lap, with a fellow pet, in your bed, etc. What is more, a happy cat will sleep but not in excess as that is a sign of an unhappy cat.

Likes to Chat

talking cat
Happy cats can be chatterboxes. Their high-pitched “talks” are signs that they are happy, happy, happy.

Purrs Like a Motor

orange cat purring

Photo by Michael Sum on Unsplash

Happy cats purr when they are feeling content. Often, this happens while they are getting a back scratch, but sometimes, a happy cat will purr just because. If this describes your cat, then rest assured, he is one happy, healthy kitty.

Happy and healthy cats are ones that feel good. Keep your cat health (and happy) by giving him or her all-natural (yet very yummy) snacks, treats, and meals. Wellness Pet Food cares about your cat’s health and happiness and shows it through a complete line of wet and dry foods, snacks, and treats designed especially for felines.

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